Sunday, July 14, 2013

Upcoming Calendar of events

I will try to keep this edited and up to date as best as possible -

Upcoming events and big dates:

July 16: Bake Sale at Calera Farmer's Market
August 3: Yard sale
August 24: Burpee-a-thon in Northport, AL
September 7: Family night with Grace Klein ministries. Liberty church. Hoover.
September 14: 5k Race in Calera, AL
Oct. 4-5: yard sale 2
Oct. 12-26: fall basket raffle! (
Oct. 25-26: Yard sale 3!!!
Nov. 2: Mary Kay, Tupperware, 31, Scentsy, Young Living Open house
Nov 16: Calera Christmas Market - Calera UMC
Nov 18: Julia goes to Kiev!!!

Ongoing fundraisers:
Cheeky Maiden Soaps - Hope Suds!
Just Love Coffee -
Bracelets - email us your order - search for Mayhew Adoption
t-shirt orders - $20 for adults and $15 for kids. email to order.

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