Friday, July 12, 2013

I heard it would be a roller coaster

I know that we have just begun this adventure - day 16 of "Bringing Lena Home" but this has been such an adventure already! We haven't even gotten past the homestudy yet and I am already having good and bad days.

We have planned what seems like an unending set of fundraisers. I have a coordinating set of unending spreadsheets.  Gel bracelets, bake sale, 5k run/walk race, coffee..... we have others in the pipe ready to come when some things calm down.... t-shirts, m&ms, krispy kreme (figured that should wait until after everyone runs the 5k... haha!!) maybe we will do that one sept 21! :) So far, we have just passed 11% of our fundraising goal.... not bad for 16 days!!!!

Sometimes, I am having the time of my life. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed. Sometimes, (as often as possible) I just have to stop and put together a puzzle with Josiah - both for him to have mom time.... and for me to use my head for something other than raising money. Usually, I need more chocolate for each task presented!

Every delay is time that my girl is an orphan. Every day is a day she goes without a hug from her little brother and a slobbery kiss from her little sister. So, every day we do something.... anything.... to take a step to bring her home.

Emotions are a funny thing aren't they? How quickly we fell in love with this precious gift from God. How quickly we are ready to give time, money, effort, sleep... whatever it takes... to bring her home...

And what is even better? how many of you have already given as well.... time, effort, money... we love you all and appreciate all the help Bringing Lena Home! I cannot wait to be able to tell her one day how so many people loved her before they even met her!

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