Friday, July 12, 2013

It is the little things.

I know, I just posted today. But this has been an awesome evening. 

It was date night. 

We had 3 hours with Josiah and Lydia taken care of by some dear friends. First, at dinner, Ronnie and I were at a small, privately owned place. We discussed whether or not to ask for a sponsorship for the 5k race from the manager. We discussed how much cooler it is when you have someone that has a personal connection, that it seems like it would be hard to trust someone that just walked in, not a 501c3 or anything, asking for money. But then he said he would ask if he could figure out who the manager was. 

He goes to check out.

The Girl that was working there leaves to get my to-go box and yells to the back, "can you check this guy out?" The Guy walks to the front..... Yep. The Owner. 

Card reader has technical difficulties. Wouldn't connect to Internet..... Buying time for a conversation! Ronnie explained what we are doing, that we need sponsors.,.. The owner agrees to consider it! We should know soon! 

We have already been blessed this week by how quickly and enthusiastically many corporate and private business owners have donated to sponsor the 5k race. (If you know of anyone who would be interested in sponsoring, please let us know! T-shirt space is available:))

So, we were shopping a few minutes later. And we ran into someone that we really have been needing to talk to in order to get some helpers at the race.... Imagine what he said?! Yep, they can help..... And they won't charge the usual fee! (Don't ask who this was.... We are sworn to secrecy:)) just praise God for not only the gifts of running into these people we needed to talk with, but also that they were interested and helpful! 

To top it off..... We were looking for some paint. Three colors. And just "happened" to find one of those gallons of paint - premixed - on sale for $10! (Normally 30ish)! Exact match to what we needed! Exact!
 Yeah, that alone isn't a big deal..... but its just one more small piece.... 

We really do need to get a journal. This journey has already been so amazing. The stories are constantly Driving us to our knees in praise. We decided that its like watching God put together a giant, beautiful puzzle. One that is sharpening our faith, pushing our trust and in the end, it is growing our family! 

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