Wednesday, July 17, 2013

cakes, junk, and needles

Well, we have done our best to make everyone around us a few pounds heavier by selling some of Alabama's tastiest baked goods over the last two days. Yesterday, at the farmers market we sold over $300 worth of cookies, brownies, cakes, and breads.... tonight, at Calera Baptist, we sold another $90 worth of goodies. So, our total for the bake sale was just over $400! Thank you to everyone!!! Our overall total now is just over 17% - - - in just 3 weeks!!!!!

The next big project is a yard sale - two weeks away. If you are getting rid of stuff.... clothes, furniture, DVDs. etc. etc. (you know, treasures that you need to get rid of) send them our way! We have several families' donations already stacked in our garage, and are ready for more! You can price it or we can price it... whatever is best for you.

I will also need people to help me sell that day - so, come on. I will make coffee, we will have water and such here that day at my house - come shop - and stay to help us sell! We are doing everything we can come up with to bring sweet Lena home! She wants to come home soon.

We have our home study almost completed - we are only waiting now on the in-house visit that is scheduled for next week.

It is amazing what one can do for their child, isn't it? Here is a strange quirk about me. I pass out with needles (and blood in general). I mean, I passed out once when they pricked my finger before attempting to give blood... obviously they never let me make it to the real needles! However, when I have been pregnant - all 4 times (two losses, two bouncy children) - I haven't passed out once! It is almost like when I know it is for the good of my baby, I can somehow deal with the needles. Even once, after a pregnancy loss, when they were drawing blood to be sure my numbers went back to 0 - I knew the first time they drew the blood after it had all gone back to 0.... I got all woozy and hot - they laid me back in the chair fast enough to not fully pass out, but I was close!

So, this week, at the doctor I was nervous. Josiah and Lydia were in the room with us and I was going to have to have blood drawn. It was almost scary... she put that needle in - and I didn't feel a thing! I mean, no tingle, no heat rush, no room turning black.... just like when  I have been pregnant.... but I am NOT! it's like my body/emotions knew that this has to be done to bring my baby home.

Pretty crazy.

It has now been since Saturday that we got to message with our girl. I miss her more every day. Pray that she gets online soon please...

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