Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Have you sung the song?

The one that goes like this...

Hosanna, hosanna, 

Hosanna in the highest

One version of the song goes on to ask..... 

Break my heart for what breaks Yours
Everything I am for Your kingdoms cause
As I walk into.. Eternity. 

My heart is broken. 

There are kids in Ukraine that are not getting what they were getting even a few weeks ago. You see, the governmental issues that are happening are causing people to tighten the reigns on government money, which is impacting orphanages. 

The one where Elianna was a few weeks ago, the one where her friends are, they are financially tight. They are being told to look for sponsors,  to cut salaries, to store food in case war does start. These kids will be first on the list to be forgotten. 

So this Easter, I heard about the "forget the frock" movement and decided to start a fundraiser for Otchiy dom orphanage, Also known as fathers house. This is Elianna's former orphanage. One of the directors went to church with us while we were there. They have around 100 kids to feed and clothe. They are working to store food now for the future political uncertainty. 

These are kids that we know personally. These are kids that shared meals, and clothes, with elianna. This is Kostya, Sasha, Misha, Luba and Sveta.... It is cute little red headed sisters named Katja and Dasha, they like to wear tutus. It is many, many more. With names, faces and stories. These will be among the first casualties of war if it comes to Ukraine. They will be the first "budget cuts."

The orphans in Crimea are already being crowded in their over-filled and underfunded orphanages to house Russian soldiers and Russian weapons and food. 

Elianna's orphanage was not in Crimea. But they are preparing.

So, is your heart broken? How broken is it? 

We are asking for a small sacrifice. We are asking that, instead of spending a lot of money on Easter clothes for your family this year, you take that money and use it to support those who are caring for Ukrainian orphans. We are joining with the "Forget the Frock" movement and we are sending our money to Otchiy Dom orphanage in Ukraine. We will have a t-shirt designed for Easter this year. We are taking pre-orders and will have them ready on April 15 so you can wear it Easter Sunday! 

Use your money to defend orphans this year. 

Email us at
Bringinglenahome @ gmail (dot) com 
To order your t-shirt.

Thank you.