Monday, July 15, 2013



we had our family physicals today - and as it turns out, our family doctor has two internationally adopted kids... and has a good friend with a Ukrainian adopted child.... and has a folder in his office on how to fill out Ukrainian adoption paperwork. How about that? Our God does details! :) This doctor that we chose a year and a half ago, has multiple experiences in adoption... two being his own kids. He is helping us with some of the craziness of that part of the process!


the college students at our church were at my house tonight. Baking, painting, playing with kids, washing dishes, and even putting up folded kids clothes and toys. They are awesome. I stood back a few times, listening to two sweet girls giggle in excitement to spend time with my daughter. I saw them smile when they talk about helping Lena plan her wedding one day. I saw them already loving a girl that one has met once and the other hasn't.

In addition,

there are about 12 families that have baked a table full of goodies for this bake sale tomorrow! I am completely humbled by the way people give. I am brought to tears in thanks for the friendships of these dear people - and to my knees in praise to my God.

Earlier today,

I was nervous about whether or not people were going to buy my baked goods. But after the faithfulness that I have seen today, I'm more concerned with my heart that fills with doubt so easily.

Oh, how He loves us.... So.

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