Sunday, July 28, 2013

S.L.O.W. M.O.T.I.O.N

Well, I haven't updated in a few days for a couple of reasons.

First, I was out of town on a retreat that was planned before we started this process - but was VERY well timed by God.

Second, there really hasn't been anything to report. Unfortunately.

We did have our home study the day before I left for the retreat. I was all stressed out that day and really probably drove my kids and everyone else crazy. It seemed to go well though. She came, we talked, she toured the house, and she left. We will wait now for her to write up her report when all of our clearances come in.

There have been some delays in clearance. But it should all be worked out by this next week - and then she should have her report done the week after that. It all feels painfully slow. Knowing that each day is one more day that Lena is in the orphanage is just hard.

We can always see when Lena has been online on the program we use to talk with her and I have missed her about 4 times this last week. It simply makes my heart sick when I get online and it says "last seen 9 minutes ago" which seems to be the time that I get often!

I did get to try to Skype with her once last week, it was not smooth, not much was communicated due to technical malfunctions, but it was absolutely amazing to see her smiling little face, and hear her voice. She couldn't hear me, so I just typed into Skype and she could respond. That didn't work long either, but it was worth it.

We are working hard still on fundraising. We are over 23% now, in only 1 month! Actually.... one month and one day to be exact. She agreed to be adopted by us on June 27, so, here, on July 28 we are over 23% funded. Wow. God is providing!

Saturday we will have our yard sale. Please come buy our stuff! We have TONS of stuff! Electronics, books, baby gear, toys, furniture, clothes, shoes.... it goes on and on. Our cars cant park in our garage right now due to yard sale stuff!

You can order t-shirts now also - $20 for adults and $15 for kids.

And we are taking registrations for the 5k coming up on Sept 14. Please sign up to run!! We want to have a great showing of runners to support bringing Lena Home! I can't wait!

More coming soon.

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