Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fundraisers going on NOW! or very soon!!

Alright, I decided to get busy bringing her home! Still pretty emotional over here, but thanks to the prayers of you guys - here are the fundraisers that are coming.

GEL BRACELETS - They will be blue and say "Bringing Lena Home - John 14:...18" They should be delivered within the next two weeks. I will post a picture when they are in. If you want to go ahead and reserve yours, Let me know and you get a $1 discount! ($3 for pre-orders, $4 once they arrive....) we will deliver or mail them to those not local.... so, send me a message - or an email

T-SHIRTS - As mentioned yesterday, these are in the works. No price yet, but these will be pretty much exclusively pre-orders.

BAKE SALE - We are hoping to do a bake sale at the Calera Farmers Market on Tuesday, July 16. The market is open from 3:00-6:00. Let me know what you bake :) and get ready to bake it!! THEN - get come buy what people bake! Some eat, and some bake - all can participate!

Of course, you can still buy coffee.... (justlovecoffee.come/mayhewadoption) or just donate! ( - search for Bringing Lena Home) 

We also take checks and cash :) for those who just LOOK at the internet but like to pay in person!!


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