Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's been... one week

The words to the "bare-naked ladies" song are echoing in my head.

One week since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said "I'm angry." 

Yeah, she wasn't looking at me a week ago, and we definitely weren't angry... But it's been a week since I talked to my precious princess, two weeks since I last saw her smiling face. 

It may be August before we speak/text with her again. That feels like eternity. 

Tonight we finished our stack of documents for homestudy. They are ready with only the exception of medical papers - that appointment is next week. 

This week we got fingerprints done, requested references to write up info, wrote autobiographies, and got passports for the kids ordered. 

For every paper completed, I feel like there are three more, but we are headed the right way. 

I miss her short Ukrainian accented phrases, the way she said "Lydika," and her silliness. 

I missed her at Josiah's birthday party, he did too. 

I asked him tonight how many sisters he had, he first said "three," (which made me nervous) then amended his answer to "two." I asked who they area he said "Wena and baby yidyia." Such a cutie! 

It feels so far away, yet, we are two documents closer as of tonight. 

All to bring her home. Is God calling you to help? Just ask us how you can help! Remember to pre-order your bracelets. You don't have to pay now, but you MUST be on the pre-order list to get the discounted rate!!! :) it will be about 2 weeks before they arrive! 

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