Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yard sale-lemonade-tax free.

What an amazing weekend! We had our yard sale, the first one, and raised - in total- over $1400. Absolutely unbelievable. The highest single priced item was a $60 dresser! We had some other $40-$50 items, but most of the money came from the ridiculous amount of stuff that was donated! We are seriously blessed to watch God put together nickels, dimes and quarters to end up with massive amounts of money to bring our daughter home! Thank you to everyone who helped, donated, bought, sold, etc. etc. You guys are doing amazing work to bring her home. It was a long weekend, and due to circumstances beyond our control, Ronnie was unable to be here for most of it. We didn't know he would be out of town until the night before it started.... So, without helpers, I would have been lost! 

We also had a lemonade stand sponsored by my sister and her daughter and friend. They had so many people giving to the lemonade stand! A couple of teenagers came and bought lemonade from them just to buy lemonade from a "real" stand "like in the movies!" 

Our t-shirt order is going great! We will order t-shirts this week, it is primarily going to be pre-orders only, so if you need one, let me know ASAP! 

We went to buy some gifts tonight for a kid we are sending Christmas presents to in Haiti. It is tax free weekend in Alabama, so we got school supply stuff to go in the bag. While there, we decided to go ahead and think through items that Lena may need for school supplies too.... That made it all feel more real than pretty much anything else in the last months. We are slowly gathering clothes for her, and that is as much fun as getting newborn clothes when I have been pregnant.... But school supplies are real. At least it seemed real tonight.... And that makes my heart happy. And terrified. Ha! 

We are going to be adding some new fundraisers soon! Keep an eye on the upcoming events tab on the blog to be sure you know what is going on! 

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