Friday, August 9, 2013

Cell phone

We sent her a cell phone and she got it this week. Today I got a call from Ronnie and he basically said "I don't care if it just cost $300. I just got to talk to my daughter!" 

We worked it out for me to call too so I could talk to her and so Josiah and Lydia could talk as well. I prepaid Skype - pretty sure it was $15..... Less than Ronnie's $300 ha!(his was really only $12, but the truth is that it just didn't matter)  We will be buying calling cards tonight, Because I promised to call her back tomorrow.....

We won't always call daily, although I would love to.... But right now we need some communication. Ronnie's Russian classes will be coming in handy - and hopefully her English lessons can start soon:) 

My heart raced on the phone with her. I had a million questions for her and no way to even remember which ones to ask. Even if I could have remembered what I wanted to say, I don't have a way to say it. I guess my Ukrainian practice will ramp up as well! She said she is good. She misses us. She loves Lydia and Josiah. She loves me. It was priceless..... I talked to my daughter. 

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