Thursday, August 22, 2013



I probably say it to my kids 400 times a day.

I HATE to hear it.

This is ironic since we are in the process that feels like unending waiting. Wait for someone else to respond, to file, to approve, to respond... hurry hurry hurry run to notary, run to bank, run to post office, run ..... and wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Wait on the Lord, and you will mount on Wings like Eagles.

I was told early in the process to try to do something every day to bring her home. This would make the RUN RUN RUN feel less stressful... and the wait. wait. wait feel shorter. I must not have paced myself well this week. I can't find anything to do to bring her home except update facebook. And you guys are probably getting tired of fundraiser reminders.

I have paint, but we are waiting to put a closet in her room.

I have clothes. They are all cleaned and ready to go in the closet.

I have a package to send to her. But that doesn't bring her home.

I tried to call. Phone is turned off.

I tried to research our case status on USCIS website - that function isn't working properly.

So, we wait.

and pray.

Lord, bless her, and keep her. Make your face to shine upon her. Bring her peace. Bring us peace. In the waiting.

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