Thursday, August 15, 2013

School supplies list

We are sending a box of school supplies to Lena's orphanage on aug 26. Her are some things they need:

school supply list

Watercolor paints 26 pc.
Clay 20 pcs.
Paper color 30 sets
21 pcs drawing instruments. (I think this is talking about protractor sets?)
Pens ribbed 50.

Diaries 40.
A4 paper packing 2.... ? Does anyone know what this means? 
A set of 15 brushes sets
Paper for drawing sets 21 set
Eraser 10 pcs.
Colored Pencils 10 sets

Notebooks in the box 200 pcs.
Notebooks 36 sheets line 100 pieces.
Notebooks 36 sheets 100pcs
Notebooks 48 sheets 100 pcs 
Notebooks 24 sheets 100 pcs 
Notebooks 24 sheets line 100 pieces.
Notebooks 98 sheets 100 pcs.

We can also collect some money to send over as well.... if you would rather give to the orphanage to buy some school supplies that is fine as well. The truth is that the money goes a lot further there than it does here.... but I know some people just like to do the shopping :) so, whatever works for you. However YOU want to bless others!
You can contact me at to tell me what you can help with, and we can figure out how to get it to us.


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