Sunday, June 30, 2013

Falling in love... Part 2

We left off with the girls getting ready for Friday. A church group came to play games with the kids at the camp, but pretty soon into the game time, we found the Ukrainians migrating inside. Alabama summers are a bit warmer than Ukrainian! :) once during this time, I couldn't  find Lydia.....  Within a couple of minutes I realized that Lena had been concerned about how hot it was, she had taken Lydia inside! 

We then got everyone ready to swim. These kids LOVE to swim! They are great at it too! I got Lydia's swimsuit on first, and put her in the pool in her little float, Lena came swimming up and took complete charge of Lydia while I got Josiah ready to swim as well. Lena took care of Lydia the whole time we swam! The other kids were jumping, diving, splashing, she was protecting Lydia.... And fussing when the boys splashed her in the float! 

That afternoon the kids had rest time and had to pack their bags for an overnight trip they were going to take the next day. The boys threw a few things in a bag and were ready to ride bikes again..... The girls were taking a long time to pack everything they needed. It amazed me how little they all packed! They were going for two nights and each child got their own clothes to fit in their running style backpack. 

Dinner worked similar to what had happened at breakfast, the kids all got their food first, then I went through the line to fill plates for Josiah and Lydia, by the time I had finished getting their plates, Lena had finished her food, gotten a high chair for Lydia and was ready to feed her while I ate. Lydia just LOVED this attention! 

We swam again at night after dinner and just had a blast with the kids, Ronnie and I both swam this time too. By this time, Ronnie was beginning to fall in love with Lena as well. After swimming, while we were standing around and waiting for the van, the kids were all attracted to a Mini Cooper car sitting in the parking lot! After we waited for a while, we learned that The van had been taken to get an oil change - and we had to walk back to the house we stayed in. It was quite a adventurous walk back! I was keeping three of the boys "on track" ha! They were typical boys - picking up rocks and throwing them into the woods! I had a foot race with one for a minute, one boy found a frog, etc. etc. they were just fun! 

On Saturday morning we got up early and left to go to Huntsville. We had a blast at the Space and Rocket center. Each American was paired with a child. As soon as they told the kids to find a partner, Lena ran to me! And Max (that we shopped with the week before) made eye contact and walked to Ronnie:). We had to leave right after lunch. I told Ronnie as we walked out of the space center, with tears in my eyes, that I was leaving part of my heart at the Space and Rocket center. I wasn't even fully convinced that we needed to adopt yet.... I just knew that I loved those kids so much! 

To be continued.... 

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