Friday, November 22, 2013


As a family, we are about to embark on one of the most exciting, overwhelming, intense, journeys that we have faced.

I decided to take a few days to put together a list of specific details that God has worked out in this process. This post, while posting on Thanksgiving day, has been a compilation of my thoughts over a few days, so the timeline is not in any particular order, other than the order in which it came to me.

I am sure more will be added to the list as we go through the final stage of the adoption legal process.... Maybe there will be a part two to post as we return home. God will have many more miracles to perform while we are in country. 

1. Our doctor being an adoptive parent, with close ties to other Ukrainian adoptive parents.
2. Dear friends met along the way in Alabama, on Facebook, and in the Ukraine.
3. The minor glitch in our paperwork, which we believe was God's way of making sure we know two things... We didn't get it perfect, so we can't brag.... And He is in control of it all.
4. The way our sweet girl is still being protected in the orphanage while we wait for her and while she waits for us. She has clothes, heat, food and education. Not all of that is guaranteed in some places.
5. The gift of the "short" trip to be with her on her birthday.
6. The missionary home that we are living in during this process that will save money along the way! They are already providing so much emotional and logistical support here. Awesome people! 
7. My Christmas gifts being wrapped by friends while I travel.
8. Of course, all the donors and volunteers from June-present.... I can't name names, there are many of you. Over 220 separate donors.... Some donations over $750, but the largest majority are $500 and under.... It's amazing how quickly your $5, $10, and $20 donations add up to over $20,000! 
9. Ronnie's vacation days.
10. Our friend Samantha, coming to help with our two children while we have certain appointments. 
11. Missionaries that love coffee! 
12. Good chocolate.
13. Lots of hugs, eye contact, and hand holding... A good set of signals of acceptance of us.
14. An orphanage director that truly cares about the well being of her kids. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. God has protected our princess while she had to wait for us.
15. A husband that was willing to work so hard to manage my two bios so I could come have this time with Lena.
16. My mom, who was willing to watch Josiah and Lydia for 7 days! 
17. Kk, who is watched them the day I came home.
18. An English speaking church to attend.

So much to be thankful for!!! Our God answers!!! 

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