Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Josiah and Lydia (our two bios.... as they are called in adoption circles) have painting in their room. My mom, during my pregnancy with each, painted them.

Josiah's has a verse on it from the book of Job -

The Spirit of God has made me, the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

His verse came as I found out I was pregnant. We had just experienced my first miscarriage. After that I really was hoping that I would not be pregnant again unless God would allow me to be able to hold my baby. When I got that little positive stick, I knew that the Spirit of God was crafting and creating that small baby inside of me, I just knew that God would give him life.

When we were first pregnant with Lydia, it was immediately after my second miscarriage. To be honest, I was pretty nervous to even take the test. We weren't intentionally getting pregnant at the time, as a matter of fact, we thought we would wait a while to even consider having another baby... and then... God had another plan. A bundle of joy, wrapped in this tiny little princess. Her verse is from Psalms:

You show me the path of life, in Your presence is fullness of Joy!

My prayer for both of these two, every night as they go to bed is from the old Testament:

The Lord Bless you and Keep you. The Lord make His face to shine on You and give you Peace.

So, when we started this process, I started praying about Lena's verse. What promise had we been given for her? What verse would speak to her in a way that only Scripture can do? We haven't done the painting yet, partly because I am down to about 2 verses that I haven't fully decided on yet, but I know one thing, her promise is peace.

We don't know her whole story. It may be a lifetime before we do. We may never know. But I know that every adoption begins with tragedy. Tragedy deeper than most of us can imagine. Even in deep dark tragedy, we fully believe that Hope can be restored. Her heart can love again. and Peace can rule in her heart. We want our home to be a place of peace for her. Not the kind of peace from cheesy music and candlelight, but Peace that passes understanding. Because I know that for her, peace will HAVE to pass understanding. It will likely not make much sense that she have peace. My prayer is that she will know the Prince of Peace and that He will put peace in her heart.

So, while I am still praying about her actual verse for her wall.... this is my prayer for her every night - from 2 Thessalonians:

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way.

Seems all encompassing right now :) peace, at all times, in every way....

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  1. That is just a lovely story! BTW, my bio daughter is Lydia; I just love that name.

    I hope you are reading books like Heather Forbes' "Beyond Consequences.." Karyn Purvis, Dan Hughes, and so forth. They explore how and why adopted children (or any children with early trauma) need a different kind of parenting (discipline, specifically). Heather Forbes talks about certain behaviors being fear-based, and I really do believe that. It also resonates because more than any other thing, Jesus told people to "Be Not Afraid". I think that's what I'd put on my daughter's wall....